Hiking in Pacifica

Born and raised in San Diego California, I moved to the Bay Area shortly before the first dot-com boom. I spent close to a decade doing freelance work on the front-end, toe-ing the line between design and development.

Throughout the years, I've taken classes on graphic design, branding, typography and UX design, and completed my UX Design certificate through UC Berkeley Extension.

Being a front-end developer over the years has given me a deep understanding of what is possible to do from a technical perspective. It has also helped me cultivate an understanding of accessibility related issues and how to address them.

I've always enjoyed working on the UI, whether it be design or development. I like seeing the pieces come together and make sense. Especially when it makes sense to the end user.

Along with my online portfolio, I also have a GitHub repository with some of my own projects. My repo includes samples of, and links to a few games that I built out, mostly using React. Feel free to visit my repos here.

In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, running and playing guitar.