Global Peace Rhythms


I came across an NPO that needed a logo and branding for a new site that they were creating called Global Peace Rhythms. The idea behind the site, was to highlight musicians who were giving back to their community.

The musicians could be living world-wide, hence the idea behind "Global" in the name. My first step in the process after talking with the client, was to get an idea of what was out there that might be similar.

Mood Board

I created a moodboard using images from searches on 'Global','Rhythm','World Beats','World Rhythm', etc...

This was used to inform the overall tone of the identity, including colors and typography.

Some descriptive words that I pulled from the moodboard include:

  • Vibrant
  • Colorful
  • Upbeat
  • Peaceful

Logo Explorations

The themes tended to be around 'world', 'peace' and 'rhythm'. The three initial concepts explored these themes.

Once the client decided on a direction, I did a bit of refining of the logo. This included smoothing out lines to give the figure a bit more of an organic feel.

Color Palette

It was decided to use a color palette made up of blue hues and complementary grays. The idea was to use colors representing 'peace' while grounding the brand using dark shades suggesting universality.

The range of blues and grays were used with the idea of instilling feelings of peacefulness as well as sincerity and trust.

Typographic Palette

The site uses a couple of popular font families for heading and body copy.

Headings use Baskerville Bold serif while body copy, sub-headings and titles use Lato regular and bold.

Figma Wireframing

Wireframes were created for the mobile, tablet and desktop screens using Figma in both low and high fidelity.

Components were indentified before building out the screens in high fidelity.

Building it on the Jamstack

I built out the site using React and a CMS called Strapi, which is an open source Node.js project. Strapi worked really well and was easy to get up and running.

I ended up using Netlify to deploy and host the site and ran Strapi using Heroku.

The site can be viewed by visiting: