Buzz on the Future

This visualization was long-listed for the World Data Visualization Prize 2023. The creative challenge is partnered by Information is Beautiful and the World Government Summit.

Entrants had the choice of several different data set categories. Buzz on the Future explores the future of frontiers based on Google search results (100,000 or more). The interactive visualization can be seen here.


Bubbles are used to show the size of search results someone would find when doing a Google search on a particular subject.

By clicking on a bubble or subject matter under one of the categories, a user is shown some of the key take-aways for that subject in context of the present as well as future expectations.

Present Status and Future Expectations

Upon selecting a subject matter, a user is shown that particular subject's take-aways from present to 2050 and beyond.

Subject Relationships

I used a chord chart to show dependencies between different subject matters.

There tended to be a lot of dependency on Governance and Technology (social and AI), and a lot of inter-dependency between subjects within the Population group.